Grace Life Church of Brookhaven

A Letter From the Pastor

In September of 2011, the Lord led me to be the pastor of a rural church in Sontag, MS called Nola Baptist Church. It was a small, country church that over the years had dwindled in numbers until few were left. Over the course of time, the Lord began to draw people to our church from all over the area. Some were searching, some came because they were dissatisfied with past church experiences, but I believe many were drawn because of the emphasis on the teaching of the Word. The Lord grew our fellowship; we called it a “rebirth” of the church itself. And as the church grew, it became apparent to us that in order to serve the members of the church and also in order to make ourselves available to the people of our community, the church needed to relocate.

After years of praying, the Lord opened a door for this fellowship to move to the city of Brookhaven, to a new location centralized for the members of the church and positioned in the city of Brookhaven to do even greater ministry where it’s needed the most.

Part of our relocation is also our reconstitution as Grace Life Church of Brookhaven. Because of our partnership over the years with Anchored in Truth and Grace Life Church of the Shoals in Muscle Shoals, AL, the elders of Nola Baptist Church felt led by the Lord to join their network as an official church “replant”. AIT and Grace Life Church of the Shoals have been a guiding and supporting force for our church over the years, and we believe with our relocation comes the next chapter of our church as Grace Life Church of Brookhaven.

We hope you’ll join us in worship, fellowship, and the teaching of the Word. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our elders. We believe the church is the center of God’s activity on this earth, so we look forward to what the Lord has for our church and the city of Brookhaven in the coming days.

Chris Sheppard